Animal’s Companion

You Are An Animal’s Companion

You have formed a special bond with a creature. It will follow your commands and is unfailingly loyal.

You start with your Animal Companion, decide what sort of creature they are and choose three Perks to combine with these base stats:

3 Grit, d6 STR, d6 DEX, and d6 WIL, and a d6 attack

(A bird or other flying Companion requires you to choose the Flying Perk.)

You also start with a bag of their favorite snacks.

Core Ability - Animal Companion

Your companion is unfailingly loyal and will follow your commands.

Should the worst happen, your companion will return to your side from beyond the Black River as a ghost.

You can spend XP on your companion as you would on yourself.

Companion Perks

  • Big: Step up STR and Attack.
  • Fast: Step up DEX and gain +1 Armor
  • Clever: Step up WIL, it can communicate with anyone flawlessly.
  • Vicious: Step up Attack, and gain an extra effect (e.g. poison, armor piercing, blast, etc.).
  • Flying: Through wings or other means.
  • Tiny: +2 Grit, can be easily concealed.
  • Invertebrate: No bones! +2 Grit and can fit into nearly any space.
  • Durable: +2 Armor (scales, plates, evasion, exoskeleton, etc.).
  • Marsupial: Has a pouch which can carry a single bulky item.
  • Perceptive: Has some enhanced sense (smelling, hearing, echolocation, electroception, dowsing, night vision, etc.)
  • Tricky: +2 Grit and a special skill.
  • Special: Some other unique thing (good at digging, chromatophores, is a swarm, etc.)

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Level Up: Through training, special diet, or ritual your companion has learned some new tricks. Pick two more Perks from the Companion Perks list.
  • Tag Team: When fighting the same enemy, you and your Animal Companion may make a maneuver alongside your attacks (tripping, disarming, etc.).
  • Mind Meld: You can share thoughts and senses with your Animal Companion from any distance.
  • Blink Bud: You can teleport to your Animal Companion, teleport your Animal Companion to you, or swap places no matter the distance.