Magic Items

Item Set – Legacy of an Unknown Craftswoman

This collection of hand made masterworks are each imbued with an aspect of the spirit and personality of their mysterious creator. Each item has a sense of self, not fully reaching the level of sentience, but enough to make a nuisance of themselves if they do not like their wielders.

The more objects that are brought together, the stronger their personalities become. If all six objects are collected in one place, the ghost of the original craftswoman will be summoned to take on one final commission.

Clutches of Chosen Kinship

A matched set of hand bags, each connected to the same pocket dimension. The bags can store any number of objects which can fit through the opening and all such objects can be retrieved from either bag, although digging around within that space to find what you’re looking for usually takes a few minutes.

Personality Aspect: Loyalty and friendship.

Grapple of Forced Perspective

With one eye closed the grapple may be hooked to anything visible to the wielder regardless of distance. Be careful about hooking the grapple to things farther away than the length of rope you’ve attached to it.

Personality Aspect: Detached perspective.

Gourd of Pleasant Fullness

No matter how much liquid is poured into the gourd, enough of that liquid to fully satisfying all nearby drinkers can be poured out of it.

Personality Aspect: Generous host.

Hammer of Vigorous Obstinacy

A hammer with a matching set of three spikes.

When a spike is hammered into an object, the object becomes immovable and indestructible. Famously used to save the Resplendent Tower when the cliff below it collapsed in a landslide, leading to its current half floating state.

Personality Aspect: Unyielding stubbornness.

Torch of Mischievous Light

An ever-burning torch, which especially illuminates anything which was deliberately hidden or wishes to remain obscured.

Personality Aspect: Impishness inquisitiveness.

Sword of Cutting Judgment (d8)

When two or more people disagree about a future course of action, if the sword is placed on the ground and spun it will come to rest pointing at the person whose choice of actions are most likely to result in violence. This works only once per future event.

Personality Aspect: Quick tempered.

Appraising Hand

The severed and preserved hand of a once famous art merchant. Will appraise any small object placed in its grip and communicate its fair market value with gestures.

Aroma-Alchemy Candle

When placed in or on a material with alchemical properties and lit, the essence of the material is wicked up into the candle and dispersed through the area with a decreased effect. For example if placed within a sleeping potion it would result in a smell that encourages drowsiness and keeps those already asleep from waking.

Blindfold of the Nightwalker

A leather blindfold with a closed eye embossed across the front.

While wearing the Blindfold light and dark are reversed to your vision. Well lit areas are pitch black and lightless rooms are clear as day.

Fall Feather

A slightly shimmering, but otherwise unremarkable bird feather.

While grasping the feather falling occurs as a leisurely, safe speed. Lasts until you next touch the ground. Single use. Standard safety equipment found on airships, skywhale trains, and other modes of aerial transport.

Greathorn Blade (d10, bulky)

A sword roughly carved from the horn of some great beast.

If pierced into the ground at a campsite, most creatures will avoid the location due to the lingering intimidating presence of the original beast.

Living Wood Bust

A wooden bust, apparently grown into shape rather than carved. It has only a vague suggestion of a face, rather than detailed features.

If placed on a wood, living or dead, the bust will enable that object to speak and answer three questions.

Lizardskin Cloak

Billowing cloak made of tanned lizard skin, scale pattern still visible. If the cloak is charged a bright yellow like a morning sun, while discharged it’s a dull blue.

While charged, can be made to glow as a dim torch. Discharge the cloak to release either:

  • a bright flash which will dazzle or blind anyone looking at it.
  • a lance of sunlight dealing d10 damage, Wounds ignite the target.

Recharge by basking in sunlight while wearing it for 6 hours.

Magic Jam

Jar of sticky, elderberry jam.

Apply to a magic item to make it edible. Eating the item will incorporate its effects into your body in some way (results not guaranteed). 3 servings (large items may require multiple servings).

Seed of the Flower Of Second Blooming

If planted within a corpse and tended for a season, the plant will produce a single fruit. Eating the entire fruit will grant all memories of the corpse’s life. Aspects of their personality may also bleed over.

Snarrow Quiver

A simple quiver made of snake leather. Contains 1d4-1 venomous snakes.

When a snake is drawn from the quiver it straightens and becomes rigid, allowing it to be fired from a bow. Direct damage applies the snake’s poison. Snakes may not survive this ordeal. New snakes may be captured and added if found. A steady diet of eggs, rodents, or other food is required to keep the snakes alive.

Umbral Dagger (d6)

A long, slightly curved dagger. Regardless of the ambient light, one edge of the dagger appears to be illuminated and the other is hidden in shadow.

The dagger can cut both light and shadow, allowing the user to pick up and manipulate the severed pieces as though they were fabric.