Character Creation


Attributes represent both a character’s prowess and current status. Assign d4, d6, and d8 to your Attributes (STR, DEX, and WIL).


All characters are generalists. Everyone can swing a sword, sneak around, or cast a spell (given access to a Grimoire). Callings define the things that put you ahead of the pack, give you an extra edge or let you break the rules.

Choose a Calling.

You may want to make tweaks to a Calling’s abilities or items to make it fit your concept. Talk with the GM and look at the Cast & Crew to see examples of modified Callings.


Grit is a character’s mental concentration and ability to avoid being harmed. It represents a combination of defensive capabilities, awareness, and luck.

You start with 3 Maximum Grit.

Core Ability

Your Calling grants you a Core Ability that forms the basis of your character’s power.

Make any choices related to your Core Ability that your Calling requires, and make a note of what it entails. You are the primary person responsible for keeping track of what your character is able to do, and how your abilities work.

Advanced Abilities

Each Calling has four Advanced Abilities that show ways your character might grow or develop as they progress through the world.

Your first Advanced Ability is free. You may choose it at character creation to start the game with, or save it for use later. The other Advanced Abilities can be unlocked by spending XP earned during play.


Most Callings start with equipment, weapons, or other useful items. Make any item selections or choices required by your Calling.

Then roll your Attributes on each Starting Equipment list to see what else you’re carrying.

Roll each of your starting Attributes twice, then choose either combination of Flair and Item from their respective lists. For example if you roll your d6 STR and get a 2 and 6 you can either have a Repaired Spear or a Colorful Staff.

STR (Weapons)

STR Flair Item
1. Bloodstained Stiletto (d6)
2. Repaired Staff (d6)
3. Hand-Me-Down Whip (d6)
4. Rugged Rapier (d6)
5. Antique Bow (d6)
6. Colorful Spear (d8)
7. Well Maintained Axe (d8)
8. Blackened Flail (d8)
9. Ornate War Hammer (d10, bulky)
10. Glowing Longsword (d10, bulky)

DEX (Tools)

DEX Flair Item
1. Durable 10ft Pole
2. Flexible Bucket
3. Limited Edition Prybar
4. Luxury Torch
5. Mini Compass
6. Collapsible Oil Flask
7. Concealable Lockpick Set
8. Wearable Rope (100ft)
9. Multi-Function (roll two items and combine) Air Bladder
10. Weaponized (roll on STR table and combine) Lantern

WIL (Miscellanea)

WIL Item Item
1. Stolen Key
2. Refurbished Flask
3. Old Fashioned Cloak
4. Skeletal Hat
5. Crystalline Map
6. Translucent Pipe (w/ tobacco)
7. Oversized Spyglass
8. Self-Cleaning Donkey (carries 4 bulky items)
9. Ethereal Random Ritual Scroll
10. Floating Random Spell Scroll


Although any character can cast spells or perform rituals, not all Callings start the game with a Grimoire which stores that magic.

If you start with a Grimoire, or something that acts as one, choose the spells or rituals your Calling says you start the game with.

Finishing Touches

Choose a name and write a Eulogy entry about a previous exploit of your character. Gain 1 XP, or roll d10s on any Starting Equipment table to see what you gained from that adventure.

If you gain XP here, you can choose to immediately spend it to gain +1 Grit, or to step you d4 Attribute up to a d6. See Growth