Cast & Crew

This Cast & Crew are a collection of pre-generated characters, (eventually) one for each Calling. They can be used as pre-made characters for players in quick start games, or NPCs for GM use to populate the world (or as Friends! Pg 84). They also serve as examples for how a given Calling might be changed, modified, tweaked, or twisted into a slightly different shape to fit a player’s character concept.

This section is currently unfinished, it will be expanded and completedin future releases.

Grimblade - Henry, Sojourner

3 Grit, 1 Armor, d6 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL

The Witness (d8, hammer) and The Record (+1 Armor, Shield)

Spells are inscribed on The Record and cast through the Witness.

Spells stored in The Record:

  • Kinetic Blast - Unleash a cone of force in a d6 damage blast in front of you. Any who suffer Direct Damage are knocked down.
  • Painful Truths - Shout a true statement about the target to deal it damage based on how concealed the information was. d4 for common knowledge, d12 for something they wouldn’t think it possible you could know.

Doesn’t start fights intentionally, but often inadvertently instigates conflicts which he then ends with generous uses of Mystic Strikes.

Often Found: Aggressively involving himself in local happenings.

Wants: To observe events as closely as possible.

Notes: Swapped the standard d10 bulky weapon for a d8 weapon + shield with the Grimblade’s effects split between them.

Devoted - Lexie, the Unbreakable

4 Grit, 1 Armor, d6 STR, d6 DEX, d8 WIL

Bent Sword (d8), Broken Sword (d8), both deal d4 damage for anyone else due to their disrepair Patchwork Armor (1 Armor), decoration long since worn off.

Devoted to Unyielding Determination

Oath: Stability


  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
  • Weapon of Faith: Only applies to damaged weapons. Deadly (step up damage die). Damaged weapons act as though they are whole, shatter a weapon to deal max damage on that attack.

Has achieved Constant Vigilance after a life of looking over her shoulder.

Often Found: Cleaning up complicated situations that aren’t her fault.

Wants: A simple task with a clean resolution.

Notes: Weapon of Faith boon modified to apply only to broken weapons, and given that limitation gains an upgrade.

Animal’s Companion - Sally, Slug Mom

4 Grit, d8 STR, d4 DEX, d8 WIL

Slime Sling (d6)

Bag of Slugmunch (slowly fermenting collection of veggies, bugs, and unidentifiable miscellanea).

Enjoys spending time meditating on the nature of being a slug while Mind Melding with Primo.

Primo, Head Slug

5 Grit, Sloppy Slap (d8), d8 STR, d6 DEX, d6 WIL

Invertebrate, Big, Special: Slug Squad

Slug Squad: Has d3 Lesser Giant Slug (3 Grit, 4 STR, 4 DEX, 4 WIL) followers at any given time.

Often Found: Using her slug squad (through Primo) to eradicate pests from farms and gardens.

Wants: People to appreciate the inherent beauty of the slug.

Notes: Special Companion Ability used to give the Animal Companion a number of weaker minions.

Archivist - Manchester, Storyteller

4 Grit, d6 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL

Cloak of Stories (bulky) - A solid, weatherproof cloak whose interior is embroidered with an Archive of tales and knowledge. Starting Topic: Ancient Legends.

Birdbeak Walking Stick (d6)

A lifetime of studying people’s behavior makes his Leaps of Logic particularly acute.

Often Found: Wheedling stories out of locals, often with the assistance of fruit liquors.

Wants: To store the whole world’s knowledge within the sweep of his cloak.

Notes: His Archive is a heavy cloak rather than a book. Random starting weapon replaced with his walking stick.

Alchemist - Miss Strawberry Shroom

4 Grit, d6 STR, d6 DEX, d8 WIL

Mushroom Mortar (d6) and Pestle

Bottle of Sweetie Wine: When shared with company any who drink will be inclined be friendly, truthful, and polite to all other imbibers.

Bottle of Calming Kombucha: Keep your mind clear of all outside influence for 6 hours. Sweet, bitter, and slightly effervescent.

The only thing she loves more than Homebrewing her drinks is sharing them with good company.

Her Recipe Book (with a mind, and pallet, of its own) currently holds:

  • Sweetie Wine: Mix crushed strawberries, sugar, and water. Infuse with the sounds of a pleasant meal with friends. Let ferment for a week.
  • Calming Kombucha: Muddle strawberries and dried tea leaves, combine with water and an active “mother”. Let ferment for a week, burping the jar once a day while whispering sweet nothings.

Often Found: Making a circuit of the wild strawberry patches she knows of, harvesting what’s ready and ensuring healthy plants.

Wants: Good food, good drinks, good company.

Bag of Bones - Rachel, Rock Star

4 Grit, 1 Armor, d6 STR, d10 DEX, d4 WIL

Ghost Powered Etheric Guitar (Bulky)

Bad to the Bone: While playing your Etheric Guitar you may choose the first impression anyone who hears it will have of you.

Often Found: Setting up literal underground shows in the mausoleums of local nobility.

Wants: To rock out with her coccyx out.

Notes: Bad to the Bone is a modification of Humerous Presence that expands flexibility (can choose any first impression) in exchange for being tied to an item and lacking subtlety.