You Are An Archivist

A collector of information, a keeper of stories, a traveling source of knowledge.

You start with your Archive (bulky) a tome which contains your accumulated knowledge. If you obtain Spells or Rituals in the future, this book also acts as a Grimoire which can store magic.

Two Topics of information are already stored within your Archive. The first two times you access your Deep Lore note down the relevant Topic.

Core Ability - Archival Expertise

You are a Linguistic Expert: fluent in every known language, and can quickly learn new ones given time and examples of text or speech.

The Deep Lore of the world is always at your fingertips inside your Archive. The first time you encounter something new that falls within a Topic stored in your Archive, you may ask the GM a single question about it which will be answered honestly. Further questions about the same subject will take time or research to answer.

Given a new source of knowledge, it takes you at least one hour to copy a new Topic into your Archive. Significantly complex, in depth, or esoteric Topics may take more time to understand.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Office Assistant: Whether due to accumulated knowledge or through some arcane rite, your Archive has awoken into a sentient, floating being. Using your Archive as a Grimoire to cast Spells or perform Rituals still requires you to be in contact with it.
  • Monster Manual: Thoroughly examine a creature to record it as a Topic in your Archive. When you take ten minutes to review your notes you, and any who listen to you lecture on the subject, gain +1 armor against those creatures the next time your encounter them, and can easily identify any weaknesses.
  • Psychometry: You can read an object’s history just by touching it. When you handle an object you can sense events that have happened to it. Emotionally charged and recent events take precedence, but with careful study you may ask specific questions.
  • Leap of Logic: Your years of study have developed into a startlingly accurate intuition. The first time you encounter a situation (or person), you may ask the GM a single yes or no question about it (or them).