Cleric of Small Gods

You Are A Cleric of Small Gods

The only priest of a small god you carry with you. The god’s smallness may be in the scope of its domain, the narrowness of what it controls, or the degree to which it can exert its power. Regardless you are bound to it, and may speak with its words to alter the world around you.

Name your god, define the Domain it rules over, and describe the small physical form it has manifested as. The Domain dictates the scope of the freeform magic your God gives you access to.

You start with a d8 Domain Die and Holy Vestments which indicate your station.

Core Ability - Words of God

Gods can speak only truth about their Domain. When you speak with the words of your god if the words are not true, your god’s power will attempt to make it true.

When you attempt to make something true by speaking with the words of your god, roll your Domain Die as you would a normal Save.

If you succeed the statement takes effect.

If you fail the statement does not take effect and you step down your Domain Die.

Domain Die loss is restored the same way as other Attribute loss, or faster through offerings or religious rites for your God.

Words of God Modifiers

Minor effects completely within your God’s Domain will succeed without a roll.

Major effects with expansive scopes, or effects completely outside your God’s Domain, are impossible.

If at least two of the following are true about your statement, impair the Save:

  • Impacts things outside your line of sight.
  • Contradicts the natural working of the world.
  • Describes a long lasting effect.
  • Is expansive in scope.
  • Is a poor fit for your god’s Domain.

If at least two of the following are true about your statement, enhance the Save:

  • Impacts only things you are touching.
  • Is copacetic with the natural working of the world.
  • Describes a fleeting effect.
  • Is limited in scope.
  • Is a perfect fit for your god’s Domain.

If at least two from both categories are true, roll the Save normally.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Gemini: Your god has a second Domain, complementary in some way to the first.
  • Holy Site: Spend a week and give a suitably impressive offering to create a holy site for your god. It shields those within from outside influence, and you may teleport yourself and your companions between holy sites.
  • Offerings: Make offerings to step up the Domain Die. Minor offerings last for a single statement, significant ones last for a day, and major offerings like establishing a church and congregation last indefinitely.
  • Divine Colleagues: Your god can always tell you which (if any) god or spirit claims an area, as well as how to contact them.