Crystal Wizard

You Are A Crystal Wizard

Crystals speak to you. They whisper their secrets in frequencies and tones inaudible to most, but you’ve learned how to listen.

You start with a Crystal Grimoire which is stored within a crystal on, in, or around your body when not in use. Choose one Spell and two Rituals that it contains.

You also have two Arcane Storage Crystals each attuned to one of your two starting Rituals. These allow you to prepare rituals ahead of time to enact their effects instantly.

Core Ability - Crystal Wizardry

You may attune your Arcane Storage Crystals with a ritual from your Grimoire. Attuning a crystal this way takes 6 hours, but does not require your constant attention (for example, you can start the process before you rest for the night). You can still perform attuned rituals out of your Grimoire as usual.

Discharge a Storage Crystal to perform the attuned ritual immediately (a single combat round rather than 10 minutes), and without needing to sacrifice any components. Once discharged, a crystal must be attuned to a ritual to be used again.

Anytime you spend XP you may convert an appropriate crystal in your posession into a new Storage Crystal. When you do, choose a new ritual to add to your Grimoire.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Crystal Vibes: You can pick up on the mystic vibrations caused by the single most intense emotional, spiritual, or magical nearby presence. This could be the mood of a crowd, the nature of an ongoing ritual, the presence of an angry spirit, or some other non-physical effect. With time, preparation, and the correct crystals, you can suppress or enhance these vibrations.
  • Soul Cage: Store your soul in your Crystal Grimoire. You cannot die as long as it’s intact. If your body is destroyed transferring the crystal into a new body allows you to inhabit it.
  • Telegraphic Crystals: You can pair crystals such that things which effect one will effect the other. Sound, sight, and magic or other mystical effects are transmitted.
  • Capture Crystals: You can use your Arcane Storage Crystals to capture the souls of recently killed creatures, or weakened or subservient spirits. Summon the captured creatures as you would cast a spell (setting your Grit to 0 or making a WIL Save). You are deprived as long as you maintain the summon. Particularly powerful souls and spirits may take additional resources or incentive to capture, or be difficult to control.