You Are A Devoted

You are devoted to something larger than yourself. It might be a deity, an organization, or simply an ideal. Whatever it is, your devotion to it grants you strength beyond mortal ken. Whether it is power granted to you, or pulled from within, your devotion guides your actions.

Declare what it is you are devoted to, then choose a Vow you must live by, and two Boons your devotion grants you.

You start with a piece of Armor (1 Armor) decorated, indicative, or otherwise emblematic of your Devotion.

Core Ability - Oath of Devotion

If you break your vow, you lose your boons for a year and a day, or until you make amends.

Your Vow applies only to you, not to your companions.


  • Honesty: You may not tell a lie, or engage in dishonest tactics.
  • Poverty: You may not own money, gold, or gems.
  • Mercy: You must accept offers of surrender, and you must honor good faith requests for assistance.
  • Stability: You must complete any task, journey, or quest you undertake.
  • Nonviolence: You may never initiate violence unless it is in defense of yourself or another.
  • Observance: You must complete a ritual or task related to your devotion in each location you visit.


  • By Will Sustained: You do not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep.
  • Unsullied Truth: You always know if someone is lying, or if something is hidden by illusion or glamour in your presence.
  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Direct Damage you suffer never overflows your current die. After you take a Wound restore your Grit to Max.
  • Weapon of Faith: Choose an improvement from the Artificer’s Improvement list. Weapons you hold gain that Improvement.
  • Healing Touch: Stabilize a wound immediately. With a night’s focus completely restore an Attribute to Max.
  • Minor Miracle: You have the ability to perform a minor miracle related to your devotion.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Doubly Devoted: Take a second Vow, and gain two additional Boons.
  • Living Legend: Choose your Name, Oath, Vow, or a Eulogy Entry you haven’t previously chosen and put a tick next to it. Based on the chosen element, force a strong reaction from an NPC: pick two from Fear, Hate, Respect, and Adoration. The GM will pick one of those to be true.
  • Constant Vigilance: You are never taken by surprise. If there’s a question as to who acts first in a situation, the answer is you.
  • Always Prepared: You carry a bag which can be opened at any time to reveal a useful, mundane item of your choice. You can do so again once you’ve been somewhere you could have restocked it.