You Are A Soulbearer

Charged with the keeping and shepherding creature’s souls. You’ve been bound to one Great Soul of some beast that stays with you forever, although the other souls you bear are merely temporary companions.

You start with a Great Soul permanently living within your body, allowing you to borrow its skills and form. Choose which creature the soul belonged to, and pick three Perks from the Animal’s Companion list to represent it. When you transform into the creature’s shape those Perks modify your existing stats.

Core Ability - Psychopomp

You have the ability to bear souls within you and tap into their abilities and forms.

When you are attendant to the death of a creature (whether caused by you or not) you may take temporary custody of its soul.

You may freely transform into any creature whose soul you bear. If it is your Great Soul you may do so as many times as you wish. For any other souls, you may do so a single time before the soul passes beyond the Black River and is lost to you.

Use the Perks from the Animal’s Companion list as a guideline for how to modify your own stats. Transforming happens quickly, although you may need to make a Save if you’re transforming in reaction to something, and lasts as long as you like. Grit and Ability loss is maintained between your forms (you won’t magically heal by transforming).

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Soul Sight: Temporarily blind yourself to the material world to see souls. Based on a soul, you can tell what sort of creature they are as well as their current mood. Your sight pierces most illusions, but is blocked by mundane materials such as stone or earth.
  • Spiritual Resistance: Your Great Soul gives you a spiritual density and fullness that makes it difficult for outside forces to influence you. You are immune to charm, sleep, fear, mind control, and other similar supernatural effects.
  • Speaker to the Dead: You can consult with the lingering souls and spirits of those who died nearby. Recalcitrant spirits may require offerings or favors before being willing to assist.
  • Manifestation: You can manifest a soul you bear outside of your body in the form its owner originally took. While manifested, the creature can exert its full strength, but time and action will quickly drain it of vitality. Your Great Soul must return to you to rest, while temporary souls will pass beyond the Black River.