Demonic Sorcerer

You Are A Demonic Sorcerer

A spirit of chaos, better known as a demon, has made its home in your head. As a create of pure spirit, it cannot exist in the world of matter on its own. In exchange for the shelter your body provides, it grants you access to the knowledge and skills its picked up from prior hosts.

Name the demon, and declare one Topic it knows about due to who its prior host was.

It also knows magic. Randomly select one Spell and one Ritual, then pick one Spell and one Ritual of your choice that it remembers.

Core Ability - Demonic Passenger

You may ask questions about the Topic your demon knows about, as per the Archivist’s Deep Lore ability, due to inheriting its knowledge.

Anytime you spend XP, your Demon recalls a random spell or ritual from a prior host.

You may cast or perform any Spells or Rituals your demon knows as though it were a Grimoire. It can learn new Spells and Rituals the same way you would transfer them into a normal Grimoire.

By stepping down any of your Attributes you can let your Demon to cast a Spell for you. Doing so no longer requires use of your hands, or paying the usual costs (setting your Grit to zero or making a WIL Save) and does not take up your action in combat.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Demonic Sense: Pick taste, smell, or touch. Your Demon can detect nearby supernatural objects or entities using that sense. It will pass along impressions of the nature of what it finds, but only in terms of the chosen sense (tasting notes for taste, aromas for smell, textures for touch).
  • Backseat Driver: If you are ever knocked unconscious or have your mind impaired in any way, you can choose to have your Demon take over your body instead of losing control.
  • Primal Chaos: Set your Grit to zero, or destroy a delicate, fragile, or complex object in your possession, to hurl a d10 damage orb of pure chaos which will rust metal, rot wood, or decay what it touches.
  • Demonic Expression: Ongoing exposure to otherworldly energies has induced a unique mutation. For example: a demonic eye that sees true names, a scaled arm that steals secrets, or translucent skin that let’s you sink into shadows.